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LEGO HERO Factory is now cooler and wilder!

The recently launched site for LEGO HERO Recon Team, which is the home for the reconnaissance units under LEGO Hero Factory, is getting a lot of positive feedback and is a huge success with regards to both online visitors and sales.

Link to review: www.wired.com/geekdad/2011/05/lego-hero-recon-hero-factory-has-just-gotten-a-lot-cooler/

Hinnerup Net has participated in the development of the systems which render your customized HERO Recon Team and Comic Builder figure in near real-time, and also the generation of building instructions both online and with your ordered HERO Recom Team figure. Furthermore we have helped developing the online ordering system.

Build your own HERO Recon Team figure online here today, share it with others and/or purchase it as your own unique LEGO kit:

You can also try out HERO Factory Comic Builder here, where you can create comic-strips with your very own HERO figure:

Update2018: The building feature has been closed but you can still experience how the builder worked in this youtube video: